Every word of the old voice, even every word in it, he dared not be careless. This is the most important and intuitive clue that this mysterious card provides to itself. Only by carefully analyzing the meaning of these words can he make a more accurate and beneficial choice for himself. After thinking for more than ten minutes, he decided to choose no. To his relief, apart from the disappearance of the old voice, there was no difference in the simple water world as usual. Out of the simple world of water, Chen Mu felt a burst of fear, if an irreversible change had just taken place, he did not know how much he would regret it. But fortunately, this time my luck is good, bet right! Next, I am left with the Swordfish Challenge! Chen Mu was in high spirits and seemed to be full of strength. He put aside all his work for a while, and spent the rest of his time on the swordfish challenge, except for the exercise of fitness and perception. Fortunately, he has a swordfish training card, otherwise, he has been seriously injured dozens of times now. The sharp pain of the needle was still fresh in his memory. Every day in the swordfish training, he kept running and dodging,stainless steel 304 pipes, and Chen Mu made rapid progress. However, to his surprise, it is perception that plays a key role! The longer the perception filament is, the farther the fluctuation you can feel, while the more the perception filament is, the more sensitive you can be to the changes around you. Especially the second point, for him,beam impact tubes, is too important! While maintaining the high-speed rotation of the fusiform perception vortex, he can feel any slight changes in the surrounding water flow. In peacetime, although it can also be felt, it is far less clear than in this case. The only problem now is how to maintain stable control of perception while running and dodging. Could it be that these trainings in the simple water world are actually related to each other? Sometimes Chen Mu will occasionally come up with this idea. As long as we find the goal and method, it is not a very difficult problem for Chen Mu. He has enough perseverance and tenacity to finish. Fifteen consecutive days of swordfish training, whether eating or doing other things, Chen Mu always maintains the control of perception. He was very satisfied with the results, and on the fifteenth day, his chances of completing the swordfish training had reached 75%. In such a complex challenge, any little factor may play a decisive role. Want to achieve 100%, for the present Chen Mu, basically impossible. He is very satisfied with the result. After a day’s rest, Chen Mu was ready to enter the simple water world for the swordfish challenge. Before he could take out the mysterious card, side impact beams ,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, suddenly there was a knock on the door. The first episode Section 98 Swordfish’s Reward Chen Mu was startled and put everything away. Looking around to make sure nothing was noticeable, he opened the door. Excuse me, are you Mr. Chen Mu? Outside the door stood a beautiful woman in full dress. The bright red short hair is as high as the flame, and the style of the whole body is very exaggerated. Among the characters created by Leizi, these are generally hot-tempered and careless beauties. This beautiful woman’s stature unexpectedly is also a line higher than him, the stature is concave and convex, she also seems to be intentionally proud to hold out the towering chest, stands in front of Chen Mu the imposing manner is astonishing. But Chen Mu was not in the mood to fall on her, and he tried to keep his face calm to hide the horror that rose from his heart. From the beginning to the end, he never mentioned his name, but now, the beauty can call out his name. This can explain a thing only, the other side had made clear his base completely, natural ground looked up and down the other side one eye: “Excuse me you are?” Chen Mu’s calmness made the beautiful woman look appreciative, and she burst into a charming and charming smile: “My name is Ning Yan, and I will be responsible for communicating with you in the future.” “I didn’t expect you to be the author of Encounter and Legend of Teachers. It really doesn’t look like much.” Ning Yan’s expression seems to be somewhat incredulous, under the lamplight, delicate and beautiful lips, sexy to the extreme. I am only responsible for business card printing, the script is made by my friend. Chen Mu explained. Although he is bigger than Leizi in terms of workload, he always believes that the script made by Leizi is the core of the two cards. Is it Leizi? Ning Yan obviously did a lot of work on Chen Mu. Yes Chen Mu nodded, the other side was able to find out their own background, which naturally is not a problem. “It’s a pity,” said Ning Yan with some regrets. “They like Encounter and Legend of Teachers very much. Hum. Blame the left home, otherwise, people can have a lot of card shadow to see! Her willow eyebrows were horizontal and vertical, and she looked sullen, but her face was pink and thin, and she had a different style. Fortunately, Chen Mu’s resistance to beautiful women has always been strong, and he is indifferent to this. In addition, this kind of disguised house arrest makes him keep alert at all times and dare not relax at all. I’m not in the mood to care about the beauty. Ning Yan looked at Chen Mu with a smile: “I originally thought that the business card makers of Encounter and Legend of the Master were handsome and handsome, but I didn’t expect that it was a piece of wood. It was really boring.”. Alas, poor people should take the initiative to ask for this task. No wonder Brother Peng laughed so much just now! Then she took out a stack of cards and handed them to Chen Mu: “These are all cards that need to be repaired.”. You pick what can be repaired inside, and you can repair as much as you can. This is my communication card number. Just contact me after the repair. Chen Mu took the card and answered, “Good.” His first mission finally came, but this time, a little late, some beyond his expectation. But the next words made Chen Mu a little surprised. But don’t bother me recently. Let’s talk about it later. I have been very busy recently. Speaking of. It has something to do with you. “It has something to do with me?” Chen Mu couldn’t help wondering. Zuo Jia. Hey, isn’t that your enemy? Last time they sent for us, they wanted to take you back. Naturally, we dismissed it,side impact door beams, and then. Well, the two sides are at war. Ning Yan wrote lightly, just like a very common thing. cbiesautomotive.com