Freelancers are the professional individuals, who are not permanently employed to any particular company. They are independent workers, who usually perform various creative jobs in the areas of art, sport, personal development, photography, education or media. For a very long time UAE did not really recognize this type of workers. It created a lot of uncertainty, related to making their work legal and getting UAE residency. Freelance permit made business setup services in Dubai more affordable for a large group of professional individuals, who had no solutions apart from company setup in Dubai or another Emirate previously. Dubai freelance permit Luckily, in 2018 TECOM authority came up with a new product of Dubai freelance permit. It was a huge breakthrough for all freelancers with lots of benefits: affordable price, quick procedure, Dubai freelance work permit. This freelance license in Dubai in TECOM can be given to creative professionals in the areas of media, technology or education. It is provided by 3 sister free zones accordingly: Media City, Internet City, and Knowledge Village. Freelance license Abu Dhabi Funny enough, TECOM was actually not the first authority who adopted a freelance concept. It was just the first to extensively market it. Another business licensing authority in Abu Dhabi has had a freelance category for quite a while before 2018. It’s called twofour54. It is a local Abu Dhabi hub for creative professionals.  At twofour54 they frequently run promotional campaigns offering a free license for the freelancers in this case you pay for the visa, Emirates ID and health insurance only. There are about 500 freelancers associating themselves with twofour54 now. The requirements of this authority are slightly higher in comparison to the others who issue Freelance license in Dubai, but it remains the only freelance type of setup in UAE capital. Freelance permit UAE Other free zones followed up with TECOM and twofour54 shortly and now a freelance category is available in many licensing authorities: Ajman Free Zone Ajman free zone came up with 2 packages for freelancers: Pioneer package and Freelance package. They both are designed for single owner, who can pick a profession from the fields like IT, education, design, management consultancy, beauty and personal care, media consultancy and studies. Pioneer package is designed for individuals between 20 and 30 years old, but a Freelance package fits anyone. The license you get will actually look like a normal corporate license from this free zone, indicating that it’s a pioneer or freelance setup only at the bottom. You will also be entitled for a 3 year Investor visa with such a setup. Umm Al Quwain Free Zone Umm AL Quwain free zone has a freelance license with a vast choice of activities and a resident visa for 2 years. Umm Al Quwain has one of the easiest settings up procedures and most straightforward requirements. Creative City Fujairah Free Zone Creative City free zone has a package called “Freelancer company”. This package is not a freelance permit for a single person. It is just the name of a normal commercial business setup package, which is eligible for 3 resident visas. In other words, in this case “Freelancer company” is just a marketing name of a full-fledged package. Resident visa VS freelance permit Dubai Many people confuse between resident visa and freelance permit. Basically, these are two separate things, which usually come together within the same setup. Freelance license in Dubai is the actual freelance license, which allows you to carry out your work legally. Resident visa is a visa stamped into your passport, which allows you to live in UAE legally. Some people already have a visa and need only a freelance permit for their projects, whereas others may need the license and the visa Freelance permits in UAE summary Here is a short comparative table for you to choose between a freelance permit or a UAE residency as company owner. Freelance License in Dubai cost is quite low and can be considered as one of the affordable options. Business setup in Dubai isn’t a clean task. It wishes right planning, statistics gathering, marketplace research, and commercial enterprise evaluation to execute. Our commercial enterprise setup specialists in Dubai will assist you. They are properly ready with all of the ultra-modern sources and knowledge on this discipline to offer you with the exceptional recommendation and assist you in executing a clean and a hassle loose. In addition, we assist you installation a commercial enterprise legally and securely. Forex trading in Dubai: The 2d step toward clean organization formation in Dubai is to rent an agent to behavior your commercial enterprise dealings for you. This expert may be a member of your organization or a expert in some other organization that does commercial enterprise in Dubai. The varieties of experts that you may rent in your offshore organization formation in Dubai are banks and chartered agents. If you do now no longer have any troubles with those experts, you may cross beforehand with the 1/3 choice of a person or an attorney. The Forex trading in Dubai Our experts will assist you decide the right organization kind so you can gain from 100% ownership, extensive tax exemptions, and hassle-loose capital repatriation. We will observe for an appropriate working license and put up all required files to the government in your behalf. Plus, we are able to contend with all pre-approvals, so that you don’t even want to boost a finger. As a manner to prevent dangerous merchandise accomplishing Dubai consumers, they need to be registered with the Dubai Municipality previous to being launched. Before even considering Cosmetic product registration in Dubai, your organization need to have a legitimate license with associated pastime to a patron product category, and also you want to create an account at the Dubai Municipality portal. Working with an organization formation professional together with us can substantially ease this procedure, taking you thru it step-with the aid of using-step. Once you’ve got a legitimate license in location, it’s time to begin considering product registration. Let’s wreck down the whole lot you want to understand to sign in a product with Dubai Municipality, and the whole lot you want to have geared up on the way to make the procedure as clean as viable.