Every day, there’s a new story in the news about a break-in or home invasion. And it’s always someone else, never us… until it is. You don’t need a moat, drawbridge, or guard dog to keep your home safe. (Although a guard dog couldn’t hurt.) All you need are simple home safety measures that will make your home impenetrable to even the most determined burglars.   In this article, we’ll teach you how to secure your home in 4 simple ways, so you can sleep soundly at night knowing that your home is safe and sound.   Four simple ways to secure your home:   1)Replace existing locks with digital locks   There’s nothing more frustrating than losing your keys. You search high and low, but they’re nowhere to be found. And, of course, you’re locked out of your home. If only you had a digital lock. Then, you could enter a code, fingerprint, key, smart RFID card, or even smartphone access and gain entry. No more keys to lose! Plus, you can have multiple access to unlock and more extraordinary capabilities!   Digital locks are becoming increasingly popular in Singapore and many parts of the world, as they offer […] read more