Add description for your Article froThis article was genuinely published here and copied with permission. Kona coffee rules the heart of coffee enthusiasts. The aroma and rich flavours of 100 percent Kona coffee leave an unforgettable taste. If you have ever tasted Kona coffee, then you must agree that once anyone tastes the unique flavour of Kona coffee, there is no going back. But unfortunately, Kona coffee is so popular that many brands fool the customer with the name of Kona coffee and sell them fake coffee. 100% pure Kona coffee is grown in the Kona district of Hawaii. It is costly because it’s a labor-intensive beverage and needs abundant human resources. Few companies don’t sell authentic Kona coffee and betray their customers. Fake Kona coffee destroys the popularity of the original Kona coffee, affecting its craze among the people. Duplicate or Fake Kona Coffee Kona coffee is expensive, that’s why some companies sell fake Kona coffee. Such companies claim their coffee to be 100% Kona coffee only by adding 10% pure Kona coffee beans. Therefore, they hardly use 10% pure Kona coffee beans in average coffee beans and claim their coffee beans to be authentic and 100% pure Kona coffee. Such marketing strategies affect the image […] read more