The pandemic has changed how people work, creating a new work style called the ‘new normal. Organizations need to have a thorough understanding of the organization’s business needs to come up with solutions designed to increase productivity and integrate with employees. Employee engagement plays a critical role in productivity and revenue growth, and measuring employee engagement gives you data to use in improving engagement. Identifying the right productivity metrics to measure employee performance can help employers evaluate their overall ROI. Additionally, identifying the right metrics can give insights into employee learning and development needs. This way, you can use available resources accordingly to cater to each individual’s needs and, by extension, the company’s needs.     Let’s look at two competency areas and KPIs that can help you measure your employees’ performance! Metrics to Track Employee Performance Implementing strategies to improve employee engagement and performance is an excellent step for your organization. However, you have to make sure that you can track any changes in your team to gauge how effective your initiatives are. Take a look at these metrics and performance KPIs to help improve performance:   1. Impact Of Training Sessions The impact of training programs is an essential metric […] read more