Android platform is the most emerging platform for any business to target the audiences. A prominent reason behind this emergence is the Android phones’ affordability, easy functionality and customization. As a result, every business firstly wishes to hire a dedicated android app developer for mobile app development. So here are the tips for android app developers hiring:- Skill and experiences of android app developer In order to hire a technical expert for mobile app development, his relevant knowledge and experience matters a lot. So, before employing a developer, make sure he is technically knowledgeable and experienced. You can take PI and machine tests to evaluate his app development skills. Additionally, you can evaluate developers’ knowledge from the projects previously managed by him. Don’t price-centric High-performing yet cost-effective application is the prime objective of every business. But, sometimes too much focus on prices can provide you a poor quality app. So, it is advisable to make a flexible budget and hire high quality, experienced app developers only. Knowledge of app development tools  There are various open-source mobile app development frameworks such as flutter, react js and many. If you are all set with research then hiring of dedicated app developers becomes […] read more