Do I have To Pay For A Surveyor?

Do I have To Pay For A Surveyor?

In general, the building owner pays the fees (known as costs) since he is the one undertaking the work and initiating the party wall process.

Who can act as a Surveyor?

Section 20 in the Party Wall etc Act defines a “surveyor” as a person who is not a party to the dispute and is appointed to decide disagreements arising in the Act. It is a fact that no formal training or experience is needed to be a surveyor’ to do party wall survey. Construction works that fall under the purview of the Act usually involve complex excavations and construction, therefore it follows that a surveyor’ must be a skilled and licensed certified building professional.

What Is The Role Of A Building Surveyor?

A building surveyor evaluates the quality of buildings ranging from residential to commercial and public buildings. They provide advice and recommendations on how to improve structures.

How Long Does A Party Wall Agreement Last?

In general, it lasts for one year after the award date.

How Much Does A Party Wall Agreement Cost In The UK?

The “Agreed Surveyor” prepares an award, which contains details about the proposed works and a schedule of the neighbors’ home’s condition, including photos. The fee for a surveyor in London varies between £120 to £250per hour depending on the assignment and party wall award and the surveyor costs about £1100.00


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