Xue Dongxin and Shen Yongzhen made a compromise and said with a sigh, “You two children are really stupid and hateful. No matter who you are, as long as you can get out of one person, the others will have hope. Whoever has the chance will go. Why bother to be trapped here?” Sima Yu buried his head in silence, but his sword fiercely attacked, as if to create another opportunity for Xue Qi! However, Ni Huanting had already seen through his thoughts and was on guard, not giving him any room to succeed, and most of his sword moves were directed at Xue Qi, forcing her to retreat again and again, but farther away from the exit! “Ah..” A cry of surprise, that is Jin Chunhong was Ni Chunxiu saw the gap, a sword stabbed in the right arm, the sword out of hand, followed by a foot forward, kicked in her acupoint! Fall to the ground! Seeing this, Sima Yu was burning in anger. The light of the sword in his hand was suddenly fierce. He swung Ni Huanting’s sword and flew back. He slanted his sword horizontally, just blocking Ni Chunxiu’s sword to Jin Chunhong! Ni Chunxiu returned to the sword to save himself, regardless of hurting Jin Chunhong. But then it becomes a one-to-one situation, and the chances of getting away are even more slim! Xue Qi alone to deal with Ni Huanting, even more in a hurry, because Ni Huanting is not as polite as Ming Qiushui, all the moves point to her vital point! Sima Yu and Ni Chunxiu just got together and fought five or six times. Xue Qi let out another exclamation. It was Ni Huanting who found a gap,plastic pallet suppliers, suddenly reached out an empty hand, touched her acupoint, and knocked her to the ground! Then Han Nanhui grabbed Leng Rubing’s long sword and snatched it away. When he tried to touch her acupoint, Leng Rubing shouted in a harsh voice, “Don’t touch me with your dirty hands!” Han Nanhui was shocked by her cry and dared not touch her! “Then I’ll have to kill you,” he said, raising his sword. Leng Rubing put his hands on his back and said, “Do it!” When Han Nanhui hesitated,plastic pallet manufacturer, Ni Huanting shouted, “Just kill me!”! Not a single life is left today! Han Nanhui was waiting for the sword, but Shen Yongzhen, who had fought with Xue Dongxin, pulled away quickly, pushed Han Nanhui away with one hand, and then patted him on the top of the cold ice. As cold as ice, he fell softly to the ground. Ni Huanting was stunned and said, “Old Shen!”! What are you doing? Shen Yongzhen smiled and said, “If Ming Qiushui can’t get Chunlan back, this girl is a good candidate for the priest.” Ni Huanting did not open his mouth. Xue Dongxin sighed softly, “Don’t start with those two girls either. Let’s accept our fate.” As expected, Ling Juan and Ma Huizhi gave up the battle and retreated to the back. Only Ni Chunxiu and Sima Yu were left in the field, still laying down their lives! Ni Huanting sneered and said, “Boy!”! You also give up your sword and surrender! “If you kill me..” cried Sima Yu. Then a few slashes, unexpectedly Ni Chunxiu killed again and again back! Seeing this, plastic pallet suppliers ,collapsible pallet box, Ni Huanting was furious and said, “Chunxiu!”! You step down, let me deal with him, within three strokes, if I don’t beat this boy to lie on the ground, I will do it in vain. When Ni Chunxiu heard this, he stepped back and gasped! Sima Yu was so tired that he was sweating profusely and his arms were sore and numb, but he still threw his sword at Ni Huanting without fear and shouted, “Old thief!”! I won’t lie down until my head is out of my neck! Ni Huanting snorted angrily and suddenly knocked on the sword, just in time to meet Sima Yu’s sword! “When!” With a loud noise, Sima Yu stepped back a dozen steps with his sword, and his arm could no longer be lifted! Ni Huanting did not relax and stepped forward to sweep the sword again. This sword does not take people, but is aimed at Sima Yu hanging down the sword. There was another loud noise, and Sima Yu’s sword could no longer be held. It was knocked far away and fell to the ground. Ni Huanting burst out laughing and said, “Boy!”! What do you say now? “Old thief!” Shouted Sima Yu! Even if you do it, I will fight with you to the end even if I am empty-handed! Ni Huanting laughed and threw his sword away: “This religious leader also uses empty hand to you, must want you to lie down obediently!” Said to deceive the body progress, a palm slanted to his waist to catch, Sima Yu rose up, two palms to carry the five elements of True Qi, empty out! The power of the palm fell on Ni Huanting, but it didn’t work at all! But Ni Huanting’s palm is a little bit unchanged to catch, Sima Yu did not even have the ability to fight back, watching was caught by him. Suddenly, a blue light slanted across Ni Huanting’s back waist. It’s the dead door! Ni Huanting could not help but be stunned, instinctively pulled back his hand, changed to the side of a split, and patted the blue light down. It turned out to be a long sword, but Xue Qi, who had been hit by him at the same time, unexpectedly stood up and said with a gentle smile, “Master!”! Three strokes have passed, and Brother Yu is still standing there. What do you say? Ni Huan-ting stood there in a daze. His face changed greatly. After a while, he said, “You’re plotting behind your back. How can you count?” Xue Qi smiled and said, “If someone else helps, naturally you can’t count, but I’ve been controlled by you, in your imagination.” I will never get up and plot against you again, will I? Ni Huanting was speechless. Xue Qi laughed again and said, “The impossible has become possible, so your move should count!” Ni Huanting’s face darkly pondered for a moment, and finally he snorted, “Good!”! It counts! But how did you unlock the acupoint? Xue Qi smiled and said, “I wasn’t hit by you at all. When you hit me, I quickly held my breath and pretended to be restrained. I wanted to find a chance to leave here later..” Ni Huanting immediately shouted, “Good!”! This religious leader was not aware of it for a while and was taken in by you! You are allowed to leave here now! Xue Qi shook her head and said, “No!”! I want to give up this right and give it to Brother Yu! Ni Huanting shook his head and said, “No!”! It’s a big favor for me to let you out, and this boy can’t do it anyway. “Don’t worry,” said Xue Qi at once. “Brother Yu won’t come as soon as he leaves. He’ll leave us here as collateral. Within half a year,plastic pallet crates, he’ll be back to compete with you again..” Sima Yu immediately objected, “Sister Qi, I can’t accept..” 。 binpallet.com