Why is my software so slow? Why can’t it handle multiple users at once? Why sometimes does it get freeze? I tried many things, but nothing worked. I upgraded the server, but nothing happened.

If you have an e-commerce business or any software-oriented business, you have seen these problems many times. You tried upgrading your application, which cost you four times more.

Most e-commerce businesses fail because they want technology like Amazon but don’t understand it. Making an e-commerce solution is not enough. It will be a waste If not made with good coding skills.

In this article, we will learn which factor a good application should be, which uses fewer resources and gives more output. E-commerce Software Working Model: Know Before Starting A Business

First of all, let’s discuss how the application works. We will learn the e-commerce application and working model. Must Know Before Starting Business.

E-commerce Software Working Model

How does the software work

The software has 3 parts server/backend, database, and client/frontend. The database and server are directly connected. A server handles requests from the client and accesses the database for calculation, then the response to the client. A client is what a customer/user can see, touch, and perform some action.

There are three phases of the E-commerce Software Working Model –

  • Client or Frontend – The front end combines graphic design (the look) and the user interface (the feel)The front end is an application where a user can see, touch, and perform some activity. Android and ISO is also client-side application.

The technology used in client-side applications is HTML, CSS, JavaScrip, jquery, React, and Angular.

  • Server Or Backend – The backend, also called server-side, is the infrastructure that supports the front end and comprises parts of a piece of software that regular users can’t see. The backend is a software brain.

          The technology used in the server-side application is Python, Dot Net, PHP, and Java.

  • Database – A database is a data set stored in the system in some procedural format. A database management system (DBMS) controls the database. DBMS and data, along with the associated applications, are referred to as a database system, often shortened to just a database.

Database technologies are MySQL and MSSQL.

The Problem in the Current E-Commerce Software Working Model

There are three main problems in the current e-commerce or software working model.

1) No loosely coupling between server and client (frontend and backend)

Coupling, upgrading, scaling, and modifying the application will be tough if a server and client-side application are tight. But, the major problem is application loading speed and data consumption. 

Due to tight coupling, the front end directly handles server applications, which will lead to busy the server all the time for a single client request. If a server spends 5 minutes with a single client, it has to handle more than 100 requests; if the client increases, the server will get slow.

Tight coupling makes it tightly binds the backend and frontend. If you want to make changes on the server side, then the client side needs to change and vice versa.

2) No stored procedure language in the database

A database is a memory of the software. Without database software, if blank memory. For every request of client software/server, connect to the database and then process the record and return.

The problem occurs when the database does not have a stored procedure. When software requests a single piece of data, the server will establish a connection to the database, provide the result, and close the connection. But a single client request needs the server to establish a connection multiple times to the database. 

If 100 clients use your application at the same time, then your server is kept busy with the database, and hence loading time get increases. But, the big problem is that your server uses more resources, increasing your cost quickly. As a result, you must upgrade your server as much as possible.

3) The poor coding

Programming and coding is the biggest problem of slow server and lousy performance. There is no cure for your software to make it fast. Poor coding is just like cancer. At starting, you see your application works well because of no or fewer users. But as your user increase, you start losing your business because you can’t upgrade it.

By experience, you can’t achieve Programming, coding, algorithm, and logic skills because coding is an art. You need only talent, and by practice, enhance your skills. Either you have talent or not.

Only 30% of software developers in India have excellent programming skills; the rest are copy-pasting and only concerned about work done.

The Solutions – How Can We Make The Working More Efficient

A great way that software can increase productivity in your business is by making things work more efficiently. Technology is constantly evolving, and new technology for efficiency creating. 

Sophisticated applications and solutions are crucial for a business to survive and stand out among its competitors.

APIs (Application Programming Interface) and loose coupling

APIs & Micro Services | AIPROG AI - Best AI Software Company in Hyderabad & LucknowAPIs & Micro Services | AIPROG AI – Best AI Software Company in Hyderabad & Lucknow

API allows you to interact with the logic without knowing what is happening under the hood. APIs are great for e-commerce websites because there is a ton of sense that you need to access.

It creates a natural split between your front-end and back-end operations and the underlying e-commerce engine. API-first means the entire product has been designed from the ground up to be consumed via APIs (as Elastic Path has been). Which leads to 100% (or close to) coverage in feature functionality.

We usually find that those adopting an API-first e-commerce software service implement projects faster than with a solution that uses bolt-on APIs.

loose coupling

Must develop the software in a loose coupling pattern because it independently connects the software module. It will be beneficial in scaling the project in the future and increasing efficiency.

Benefits Of API

· If you have done server-side programming, you can still modify or make changes on the client side from a development point of view. 

· Apart from technical, small individual modules run independently and with a fast loading speed. 

· Apart from a web application, if you want to upgrade it to a mobile application, you will not need to do everything for the server again with the best e-commerce software. You only need to make some changes on the client side.

Stored Procedure

Database Stored Procedure programming application for advance software - e-commerce solutionDatabase Stored Procedure programming application for advance software – e-commerce solution

Database-stored procedures can easily handle and manage multiple users and customers on your website. When many customers use your application simultaneously, the database stored procedure can work for all of them at once without making your application take time to load. It makes your application load fast and runs smoothly. 

If a customer wants to see his profile, like his profile pic, order history, wallet balance, and last purchase history, he will click on a button. The application’s front end will send a signal to the software through HTTP protocol. Our programming is advanced and doesn’t make the whole website or app with a single click of the customers. It performs fast loading and saves time. 

Benefits Of Stored Procedure

If you adopt API and stored procedures, application running costs will reduce by up to 50 – 75%. It will work well even on a low network. This software can increase the performance of a below-average server and make it a high-configuration value server. 

  • User Increase
  • Handles Multiple Users
  • Fast Response And Loading

Fact And Figures of e-commerce business

Must Know Before Starting Business

There are about 6.1 billion websites on eCommerce, where only 5% of websites are running. And the reason behind other websites’ failure is using bad technology and terrible UI/UX. Without research, these people are using wireframe template-based UI that doesn’t attract customers.


API is the best e-commerce software that allows you to make changes anytime, anywhere, and quickly. You can easily make changes on the client side without changing the server side. Both server and client changes are independent. 

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