All facets of online marketing, such as social media, content, SEO, email marketing, and advertising, are included in digital marketing. Your website and brand must be accessible online as a result if you want to stand out from the competition. You can get help from Indian digital marketing organisations to create an online marketing presence on one or more platforms. They might help you with goal-setting, creating a plan, carrying it out within a budget, and measuring ROI. Whether you want to develop an advertising plan to increase website traffic, increase brand visibility on social media, or boost email efficacy, a digital marketing company may be able to help you achieve your goals. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of some of the Top Digital Marketing Agency In India. Utilise our directory to locate and communicate with the top ten digital marketing agencies in India. Take a look at a firm’s case studies, project categories, and client testimonials to determine which one is the greatest fit for you.

Digital marketing uses online platforms to advertise products or services in an effort to draw clients. In the past, brands wanted to be marketed, but they had few options. The norms and standards have changed because of digital media.

The average daily usage time for young people on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter is six hours. Businesses have turned to digital marketing as a result of this. Online transactions are supporting the idea that India is going digital. From 2019 through 2027, digital marketing is expected to grow at a 30 percent yearly rate.

Due to the growing advantages of digital marketing, everything has gone digital, including ordering food and veggies, booking cabs, renting furniture, and even people who become viral influencers. A company’s internet presence is essential if it wants to stay current.

But how is digital marketing different from traditional marketing?

Internet use is not included in traditional marketing strategies, which are other forms of advertising. This includes printed materials, events, radio and television commercials, physical billboards, and textual information. On the other hand, digital marketing refers to online marketing campaigns. Websites, blogs, email marketing campaigns, online advertisements, and much more are all examples of digital marketing.

It’s possible that digital marketing is more targeted than traditional marketing. Digital ads allow you to specifically target the people who are most likely to need your services, as opposed to television and radio commercials, which are broadcast to a wide audience that isn’t part of your target demographic.

India possesses digital expertise and experience that could benefit your company’s online presence. It can be challenging to find the best company for your needs. For your consideration, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 digital marketing firms in India. Continue to read!

Top 10 digital marketing companies list:

The greatest digital marketing companies in India are listed here, in no particular order.

Digi Ad Solution

Known as a new breed of performance marketing firm, Growth Hackers Digital focuses on the short- and long-term growth challenges that funded startups and multinational organisations face. Specialties include improving CAC & ROAS, lead generation, content marketing, and organic growth. This has helped a number of firms accomplish their goals. The experts at Growth Hackers Digital start by learning everything there is to know about the user before creating User Personas using the knowledge, expertise, and data at their disposal.

Following this stage, they create dynamic campaigns on channels to target audiences and increase sales. They think that the only way to guarantee the success of a campaign is to test and improve each component. With locations in Bangalore and Mumbai, Growth Hackers Digital has worked with clients from Singapore, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, India, the United States, and other countries.

Services: Analytics and Reports, Creatives and Messaging, Other Gems, Linkedin Ads, ASO, Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and SEO

Decathlon, ICICI Bank, Capital Quotient, HashLearn, BOXMYSPACE, Positka, IS.U, and Fiona Diamonds are some of the clients.

Awards include Silicon India’s “Most Promising Marketing Agency,” “Top Digital Agency in India,” “Top Advertising and Marketing Agency,” and “Top Digital Agency in India” from the DD Awards in 2021.

Sports equipment (Decathlon), logistics (BOXMYSPACE), employee management (Hush), automation (Universal Robots), cyber security (Positka), fashion (IS.U), a social investment platform (Rang De), online learning (HashLearn), banking services (ICICI Bank), and a social media platform (Cap shot) are a few notable examples of noteworthy work.


RankZ is a company that specialises in organic growth marketing through search engine optimisation services. Their key strengths are high-quality link building and content optimisation tactics, which have helped them for years propel astute marketers and worldwide brands to the top of search engine results pages. The team has over 12 years of SEO and link building experience, is highly driven, and has worked with numerous clients in the US, UK, and India. They also run OutreachZ, the industry-leading link-building platform that enables you to create high-quality contextual backlinks from tens of thousands of specialised sites.


2015 saw the founding of Schbang, a Mumbai-based Creative & Business Transformation Company, by Harshil Karia, Sohil Karia, and Akshay Gurnani. Schbang has more than 800 members now after only six years. Schbang is evidence of the business’ obligation to help the client understand the big picture. For businesses like Fevicol, Jio, Ashok Leyland, Baskin-Robbins, Tata Communications, and others, the firm offers comprehensive solutions and has produced award-winning digital work.

Services include technology and design, activation and events, video production and photography, and integrated marketing solutions.


Dentsu International hybrid digital company WATConsult has over 400 employees, 140 clients, and over 350 accolades to its name. The company has locations in Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai. Since launching in January 2007, WATConsult has assisted a variety of businesses in their efforts to leverage digital media for their brands. Customers include Tata, Godrej, Mahindra, Bajaj, Reliance, and others. In January 2015, WATConsult was purchased by Dentsu International.

Services: Social media strategy, mobile application development, SEO, native content alliances, campaign conceptualizations and design, social media strategy, content and engagement strategy, digital brand building and communication strategy.

India’s iProspect

IProspect India, a member of the Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN) network, is one of the top digital marketing agencies in India. It is a multi-national, full-service digital media agency. A new era of performance-driven brand creation has begun thanks to its unmatched blend of media strategy, storytelling, digital expertise, and audience analytics. By providing human-centric solutions, iProspect helps some of the most well-known businesses in the world, like Sonos, Cox, LG, Hilton, Levi’s, Budweiser, Microsoft, and Procter & Gamble, grow faster. The iProspect team works in 93 markets with a global network of more than 8,000 media and performance specialists. On your behalf, this organisation creates and executes a comprehensive brand strategy. 

Business intelligence, marketing activation, strategy and planning, a creative and content hub, a marketplace, and digital media are among the services offered.

Customers include Budweiser, Sonos, Parkdean Resorts, Under Armour, TELE 2, Hendricks, and The Economist in addition to Elgiganten Megastore.


Webchutney is a marketing firm in India owned by Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN). This marketing service provider’s strategy for online marketing is a superb blend of creativity and technology. With services including website design, mobile marketing, social media marketing, and online advertising, it is recognised as one of the top digital marketing organisations in India.

Agency for Digital Creativity

Customers include, IKEA, Google, Uber, Flipkart, Swiggy

SEO Minds

ROI Minds has generated more than $150 million in revenue for its clients through sponsored adverts on Google and Facebook. They manage more than $1 million in monthly ad spend for our clients on Google and Facebook, producing up to 10x income. They are among the best pay-per-click (PPC) companies out there! Growing e-commerce sites and clients who generate leads are helping ROI Minds grow and become more profitable. They specialise in a variety of areas, including ROI-Driven PPC, Social Ads, SEO, Native Ads, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.

Services: Content marketing, article writing, conversion rate optimisation, white label agency, white label SEO, native ads, ppc management, e-commerce marketing, e-commerce ppc, and e-commerce SEO

Customers include Budai Media, Bloom Infotech, Efavomart, LuluFam, Namaha Creations LLP, Thriply LLC, Pet Art Company, and Automotive Lighting Online Store.


One of the leading digital marketing firms in India, Kinnect prioritises business impact over all other factors. They believe that a real business effect continuously has an impact on brand awareness, sales, and visibility. They have built a range of structures and capacities, but they are always flexible and adaptable. At Kinnect, cutting-edge technologies that mix creativity and data-driven insights to deliver real-time, actionable results are coupled with conventional branding concepts.

Services: Influencer Outreach, WEB & SEO, Social Media, Video Production, Creative Strategy, and Online Reputation Management

Adidas, Intel, Standard Chartered, Asian Paints, Reliance Digital, Converse, and DBS are among the clients.

What Performs A Digital Marketing Company?

The objectives of a digital marketing firm are to raise brand recognition, draw in new customers, and generate revenue for your business. Digital marketing experts can significantly impact your organisation in just three areas: social media, email, and content marketing.

1. Social media marketing: Your digital marketing company may use advertising, publish blog posts, and communicate with your target audience on social media to promote your company and build consumer trust.

2. Email marketing efforts: Nearly everyone has an email account and reads it frequently, even if they don’t routinely browse the web or use social media, so effective email campaigns could have a significant impact on your business.

3. Targeted content marketing engages your audience at various stages of the sales funnel. You can get help from digital marketing firms in creating a content marketing strategy to direct traffic to the most crucial landing pages on your website.

How Can You Employ A Digital Marketing Company For Your Company?

There won’t be any scarcity of choices when the time comes to hire a digital marketing agency. When choosing the one that’s perfect for you, keep the following key factors in mind: Important things to take into account are competitive pricing, the services offered, clear communication, a user-friendly website, and evidence of social media participation.

1. Competitive pricing for services provided: Make sure the company you choose offers exactly what you need and doesn’t charge you for anything you don’t need. A digital marketing agency that seems feature-rich to one company may be expensive and full of unnecessary capabilities to another.

2. Open communication: The agency should be up front and honest with you regarding costs, delivery dates, and processes to meet your goals. Effective communication is necessary for a successful relationship with your digital marketing agency.

3. Attractive social media and website activity: Verify that a digital marketing company heeds its recommendations. Look for a user-friendly, content-rich website and active social media presence as signs that a company is utilising digital marketing best practises.

Considerations When Selecting A Digital Marketing Agency For Your Business

A variety of factors determine how one digital marketing company in India might be distinguished from another. To make it simpler for you, we’ve put up a list of recommendations that may help you choose the finest digital marketing company for your business.

Establish a budget: Every business wants to save costs, but doing so doesn’t always mean going with the least expensive alternative. It’s doubtful that the cheapest company would offer you quality service. Ask what services you will get for the price you are paying, instead. Finding a company that produces the best results at the lowest cost is more important than just choosing a low-priced provider.

Know what you require from a business: You should assess your internal marketing needs before engaging a digital marketing agency. Every company has a niche set of services that it focuses on. Knowing your marketing needs might help you further narrow down your options.

Do your study online: The websites of several renowned agencies now feature their work. You may find out more about the services that company offers and view samples of their work in their portfolio by conducting a thorough online search of their website.

Establish a connection with your account manager: This may be challenging, but by doing so, you will be able to learn more quickly about the specific person who will be managing your account rather than the company as a whole. A seamless interaction between the company and you will be made possible by client care representatives who are knowledgeable about the digital world and are skilled and experienced.

The third important vital component to take into account when picking a digital marketing business is the organization’s knowledge and working procedures. If you are aware of their working style, you will be aware of how they will carry out your company task. Ask for reports that track your efforts.

1. Which Indian companies offer the best digital marketing services?

Out of a pool of more than 200 companies, this list of the top 10 digital marketing agencies in India was created. As a result, all of the Indian digital marketing agencies mentioned above are the best in the country. Additionally, they can provide better service in your area or state for less money. We advise choosing a company from the top digital marketing agencies in India based on your company’s requirements, your financial situation, and your location.

2. What is the price of digital marketing?

For small to medium-sized businesses, the average cost of hiring digital marketing agency in India is between INR 15,000 and INR 100,000 per year. Additionally, because digital marketing is made up of numerous sub-services, it depends entirely on the requirements of your business and its size. For instance, you might hire an SEO expert if you wanted to increase the internet visibility of your website. We would like to emphasise that you can either purchase individual services or a package of digital marketing services for your business. Simply decide which area you want to improve.

3. What standard services must a digital marketing agency provide?

Consider the following services before hiring any Indian digital marketing agency:

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing & Optimization

Email Marketing

Online Reputation Management

Website Development

Pay Per Click


Facebook & Instagram Ads

Google Analytics & Ads Sense

Logo Design

Content Marketing & Strategy

Quality Link Building

Furthermore, you must ascertain whether the company is competent in that industry if you want to strengthen or expand a certain section of your organisation. Everything is in order if they have.

4. Can a digital marketing firm assist you in choosing the ideal package?

Yes, they can help you select the best digital marketing bundle for your business. As each company’s product, needs, and requirements are distinct, you must first help them understand your company’s size, requirements, goal, and purpose in selecting a digital marketing service. Then, based on your explanation, they can create a package based on the areas of improvement and add-ons to make.

5. Must you work with a digital marketing agency? Is it pricey?

Yes, hiring a digital marketing agency is necessary if you want to expand your company and boost revenue. Hiring a digital marketing agency has many benefits, including the ability to expand your business more quickly than traditional marketing methods, a decrease in overall monthly expenses, the ability to reach a wider range of potential clients, the ability to remain relevant in your industry, the reduction in workload, and many other benefits.

Additionally, it is not at all expensive. In actuality, it will lighten your workload and a skilled digital marketing company will be better able to meet your goals than you. A digital marketing company’s hiring of your labour could boost your return on investment.

The Conclusion

The top 10 digital marketing agencies in India have been assembled, and it’s now up to you to choose the best one for your needs. These companies are top-notch and continuously provide their clients with outstanding outcomes. Let’s say, as a business owner, you want to transform your conventional company into a digital one. Growth Hackers Digital offers completely unique programmes that will boost your productivity and give you a competitive advantage in that situation. Any inquiries, issues, or suggestions you may have will be read with pleasure, and we will be happy to help you handle them.


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